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BITCOIN DEAD 2022 – The Truth Behind the 447th Death of Bitcoin

Many people wonder if Bitcoin is dead in 2022. But most people have no idea of what is coming. If you’re not ready for this bitcoin bear market, this video will help you brace and prepare! Despite Bitcoin dropping below historic all-time highs, something that’s never happened before, it might not be DEAD yet (watch the video to find out more).

Venture capitalists, banks, and the whole media hype at a time the cryptocurrency market is feeling the heat of an intense selloff. But when a sudden crypto crash hits, bitcoin fear and greed speed up. 

Here’s the truth:
The dollar is dying.
The centralized market is crashing.
The traditional hedge is getting out of fashion. 

Robert Kiyosaki recently said: “It’s too late to WANT to get into crypto. However, now is the time you NEED to get into crypto, before the biggest economic crash in history.”

The best time to prepare for a crash is before the crash. So, this video will map out your perspective by debunking false claims and outlining the truth about cryptocurrency.

And that’s what we’re getting into on Renegade News today!

00:00 Bitcoin is Dead 2022
00:30 Who is calling bitcoin dead?
01:10 Bitcoin has “died” x times in 2022
01:22 Proof of Bitcoins Death Status
02:04 What do the Banks Say About Bitcoin
04:04 Big Corporations on Bitcoin
04:31 Joe Rogan Talks Bitcoin
05:00 What the Market Is Saying About Bitcoin
06:40 The Biggest Crash in Human History

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