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Ethereum vs. Bitcoin: What’s the Difference?

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum vs. Dogecoin: https://whatis.techtarget.com/feature/Bitcoin-vs-Ethereum-vs-Dogecoin-Whats-the-difference?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=042022ETHER&utm_content=ETHER&Offer=OTHR-youtube_OTHR-video_OTHR-ETHER_2022April25_ETHER
What is Ethereum: https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/Ethereum?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=042022ETHER&utm_content=ETHER&Offer=OTHR-youtube_OTHR-video_OTHR-ETHER_2022April25_ETHER

In the world of crypto, it’s tough to have a conversation without mentioning Bitcoin or Ethereum. The two technologies were designed to complement one another, and have helped set the foundation for the way blockchain is used today. Though Bitcoin and Ethereum are both cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is much more. Watch to learn all the ways in which they differ.

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