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Why Bitcoin Fees are so High (and how to get them lower)

Fees for bitcoin transactions are the highest they’ve ever been and in the near term, they’re likely to go up-holding bitcoin value down.

There are a couple ways to lower the fees, but first you need to know why the fees are high in the first place.

There are over 100,000 unconfirmed transactions on the bitcoin blockchain. When there are unconfirmed transactions, the bitcoin miner program is developed to seek out the transactions that pay fees first and log them into the blockchain ‘ledger.’ So, the higher the fee you pay to have your transaction recorded, the faster your transaction will be recorded. While if you pay $0 in fees, your transaction will wait until all others that pay fees get logged. This can cause a delay of over a day, possibly. I give solutions in the video, or at least ideas…

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